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WHAT'S NEW! What's New Saddles at Hobson's Choice Saddlery!

At Hobson's Choice Saddlery, we are here to assist you in making the best choice at saddle fitting both you and your horse. It's with great pleasure that each day we find many challenging horses and riders who inspire us in finding creative solutions in both the art and science of saddle fitting and for the love of horses!

The Albion Classic Saddle
The Albion Classic Dressage Saddle is the best-suited fit for the baroque-type warmblood horse. Tested and approved by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, this new innovative design is now available at Hobson's Choice Saddlery. Designed exclusively for the Baroque warmblood breeds, this new classic dressage saddle will help improve your horse's flexibility and relaxation throughout his topline. Whether you ride a Lipizzan, Andalusion, Lusitano, or Friesian Sporthorse, the "Albion Baroque-style Classic Dressage saddle is the ideal choice for all levels of "classical dressage" training and competition. A popular choice for adult amateur riders, as well as the seasoned professional.

The Zara Dressage Saddle
The Zara Dresage Saddle is here! If you are seeking a "deeper seat" and a closer contact feel with your horse, the Zara Dressage Saddle is the choice for you. Designed for you to feel and absorb your horse's every stride, the Zara dressage saddle will get your training done with ease and pleasure. The exterior mono- flap design will hold your leg in place, without feeling forced. The deep well-padded soft seat will allow for pain- free riding! You and your horse will feel the difference from the very first ride. Available in Buffalo Leather. Sizes 17"-20" narrow-xwide fit. Call today for a Test ride!

The Henley Dressage Saddle
The Henley Dressage Saddle is designed to fit the female anatomy without discomfort! A custom-made feel that's been a long-time favorite with our customers. The exterior thigh blocks allow the rider's leg to hang long and relaxed, enabling you to quiet your position in the saddle. The tree points are designed not to impede your horse's shoulder movement. Broad wool-stuffed panels are anatomically shaped to follow your horse's back. This classic handcrafted design in buffalo leather gives you a closer-contact to feel your horse's gaits coming through. The seat is extra deep and softly padded for instant comfort. Extra "Cush for the Tush" will give you and your horse "A Happy Ride!" Strong Elk and Buffalo leather for extra grip. Sizes 17"-19.5" narrow-xwide fit. Call today for a Test ride!

Wanted: Your Used Saddle! We have "Good Homes" waiting for your Used Saddle! Consign Online or call 978-363-8881.

We offer many models of Albion Saddles!
Albion SLK Ultima Dressage
Albion SLK Brentina Dressage
Albion Kontrol-Kontact Jumping Line
Albion K2 All Purpose
Albion XC500 Hunting Saddle (new!)

Albion SLK Ultima Dressage Saddle

Endorsed at the highest international level, the SLK provides the ultimate in both horse and rider comfort. Featuring a scientifically engineered saddle tree to maximize the surface area for weight distribution on the horse's back, the SLK has been developed to achieve peak performance for riders at every dressgae level. The SLK provides riders with a deep supportive and extremely comfortable seat with both "High Head" and "Low Head" profile options.

Albion SLK Ultima Dressage Saddle
Albion Kontrol Jumping Saddle

The Albion Kontrol Jumping saddle offers an extremely close contact feel over fences. The design and quality meets every demand in the way of comfort, balance, leg placement and security over fences. Deep or Flat seat; straight or forward leg options available.

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Albion Kontrol Jumping Saddle

All New Albion Saddles include FREE Leathers or a Grith
Finding A Saddle that Fits Can Be A Daunting Task!
At Hobson's Choice Saddlery, our mission is to provide "Saddle Solutions" for horses and riders with particular fitting needs. We offer new, demo, custom, and used consignment saddles for the discerning equestrian. Over the years, we have established an enviable reputation for offering our customers comfortable saddes that fit the female anatomy.

We have expanded our line of saddlery to fit many breeds, including the new Baroque-style warmblood, the Icelandic horse, and the new German Riding Pony. Hobson's Choice Saddlery has been in business since the year 1990 and known for offering outstanding customer service. We work only with Certified Master Saddlers throughout Europe that adhere to BETA's rigorous standards on building quality equestrian products. We workth with our saddlemakers at their factories to build saddles that offer flexibility and comfort for both the horse and rider. By choosing a well-constructed saddle with a flex-tree system, you invite your horse to work in harmony with his rider and advance to the next level.

At Hobson's Choice Saddlery, we can offer you a variety of seat and tree sizes, flap lengths and configurations to meet both your and horse's level of comfort. We can design a complete custom saddle for you and your horse or provide you with semi-custom options. We have been working with long distance customers since the year 1990 by providing our distance customers with a "test-ride demo saddle." You may purchase the demo saddle or order a similar model with your choice of options. From the seasoned professional to the adult amateur rider, our "comfortable saddles that fit" will bring out the best performance in both you and your horse.

* Our Saddle Fit Kit includes the tool to measure your horse's back, easy-to-use measure charts, and Return Postage. Call 978-363-8881 or email us at info@hobsonschoicesaddlery.com to order your kit.

Saddle Fitting Appointments are available at your Barn. Go to our Inquiries page or call 978-363-8881, for a Saddle Fitting.

* Hobson's Choice Saddlery offers Endangered Species ... The Rarest of our Saddle Closeouts! One of a kind, samples, demos, corral closeouts. To grab one of our "endangered species saddles" before it's gone, see our Used Saddles page.


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